Influence & Impact at the Workplace

Enhance your team's existing expertise to make a stronger impact. With Elements of Body Language, Communication and Presentation this workshop is the perfect way to sculpt a more productive team. 

Ideal for Corporate Teams, Business Teams, Hospitality, Retail Teams, and Service Industries

  • Create an Authentic First Impression

  • Communicate Effectively 

  • Present with Charisma 

  • Establish Rapport 

  • Improve cross-team collaboration

  • Enhance performance 

Time: 6 hours to 2 days formats

We use data-driven insights to improve team performance and tailor the session as per your needs. 

Feel free to connect to discuss further! 

Work Ready

Helping graduates, students and new entrants to the field make a quick transition from the classroom to the boardroom. 



Ideal for students, graduates, new employees and for onboarding staff  

  • Communicate effectively 

  • The art of image management 

  • Interview Skills 

  • Presentation Skills 

  • Group discussions and effective collaboration

  • Dress authentically

  • Infuse teamwork 

  • How to create a positive first impression

Time: 4 hours to 2 days formats 

We tailor the session depending on your needs. Feel free to connect to discuss further!