• Sanjoli Chauhan

Reinventing your Personal Brand

I often talk about “Reinventing your Personal Brand".

Sounds pretty complex, but here is a quick and easy way to get started!

When you are picking up responsibilities in your workplace - in the beginning of a new year or even quarter, try this magic formula:

1) Identify your strengths and pick up projects in line with your core competencies- Pick up 60% of your projects in your 'Comfort Zone'. These are projects that you find 'easy'- you have done them before and you can ace them again.

2) Take up 40% of your projects in your courage zone. These are things that make you 'uncomfortably excited'! You could completely mess this up, since this is a brand new challenge for you!

The trick is to step out of your comfort zone and into your courage zone! So that at the end of the year/quarter your courage zone becomes your comfort zone and you draw another courage zone around yourself! This way, you never stop growing!

Easy right?

Watch the video snippet on my LinkedIn page. And try it out for yourself!

Stay fabulous